Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Do I really NEED a medicine cabinet??

This medicine cabinet/light bar installation in the bathroom is getting to be a headache. Ricks father came to help move the electricity box over so the light bar will be centered. The old electrical box is too big so I got a smaller one at the store today. On top of it being the wrong one, there is a stud right behind where it needs to go. One of these days it may work out!

I'm glad his father came to help-I would have made a comical yet maddening mistake had I done it. The light bar has globes that point down and I probably wouldn't have taken that into account so the globes would have hung down enough that the medicine cabinet would have hit them when opened! Years ago I did a similar thing at my first house when I installed a medicine cabinet then decided on a nice gooseneck faucet. When I opened the medicine cabinet after admiring my handywork, it banged against the faucet. Live and learn.

I've been toying with an idea for a project this summer. There is a lot of wasted space off of the kitchen for the laundry area. If we walled some of that off and moved the washer/dryer forward-voila-a master bath. There would be enough room for this nice whirlpool tub I have been eyeballing everytime I go to Home Depot.

I did get the storm window that was on inside out reversed the right way. It went without a hitch thank goodness. Tomorrow I hope to have the medicine cabinet/light bar up and have the hardwood floors prepped for the sealer. Getting to the end seems to be taking up too much time-I want to get packed and ready to move before all the friends that offered to help realize what they are in for and change their mind!

The mystery buoy.

The singing gunman!

I wonder if her crown fell off?

Don't wear this in the wilds of Africa.


letti said...

i never ever ever EVER had a medicine cabinet before i came to the states and now it seems i'm totally lost without one.

how strange.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you're watching "Polyester". I remember seeing that at a midnight theater while in college on one of the coldest nights of the winter. I came home, turned up the thermostat and through that "Odorama" scratch-n-sniff card on the coffee table. When I woke up -- the whole apartment reeked with all those awful smells. Gross.

letti said...

hi jeff..thanks for stoping by. the weather has been kinda weird recently, i agree...there was all that fog and our low for tonight is like, 20F.

Yes, we had hail occasionally in malaysia but they were like little pebble sized.

Last spring when we were down in falfurrias, near corpus christi, it hailed baseballs and wrecked a whole bunch of windows/vents and skylights. :(