Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A weeks worth of work...

in 3 days. That is what I have been up to-trying to get too many things done in not enough time. I think I just about did it but everything hurts and what doesn't hurt is numb!

I finally got the floors completely sanded down-they look nice. Tomorrow I'm going to put the polyeurothane down. It feels good to be over the tough part finally. This has been my friend/enemy for the last few days:

For some reason this machine/torture device makes me have to hunch over the slightest bit and my lower back suffers. Then to make things even more fun/horrid you have to use this machine/mini torture device to get around the edges:

Sounds lots of fun huh? It gets even better-not only do you get to do this once, but twice!!! I had to start out with a medium grade paper to get the waxy build up and old sealer off then go over it all again with a fine grade paper to make it smooth.

All in all it is worth it-when it is all done it looks beautiful and so easy to maintain. I have a rental that I did 7 years ago and the floors are still holding up well even with renters moving in and out over the years.

I hope my chiropractor has an opening tomorrow! Hope everyone had a good Monday :)


Anonymous said...

ooooo...so it's all coming along real good! yay!


p/s: i love CSI too, but Caruso in Miami kinda makes me sick..*laugh*

Anonymous said...

hi again!!! i called up the chapel today and i got the place!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I have to do anything that involves back pain around my house I start thinking back to how simple apartment-living was. I may need to just become a tenant again one of these days.