Sunday, January 09, 2005

A lazy Sunday

Today was a good day overall. I was lazy and slept in too long but I managed to get my computer work done as well as work on the house. Rick's father got the electricity box moved for the light bar and got the medicine cabinet up. I almost cried (not really) but it was nice to see it up finally!

Now I have a place to store all the drugs I'm going to need from having to pack and move!!!

It is amazing to see his father patch the sheetrock. There were 3 large holes that had to be cut to get the electricity box moved over. After he got through, you couldn't tell they were there at all. That is one thing I never got the hang of over the years so I was very appreciative of all the pointers and tricks he showed me tonight.

Tomorrow I start sanding the hardwood floors and hope to get the firt coat of sealer on. The weather is supposed to be warm enough for it.

Cuba is jealous.

But it doesn't help with divorce rates.

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