Monday, January 03, 2005

Flamingos and Poodles

I don't feel like I got very much done on the house today. I got the sheetrock and studs cut out for the medicine cabinet, the hole cut for the electrical box where the light bar goes and patched the edges around where I mismeasured the width of the cutout for the medicine cabinet!

It was slow going since there was 2 layers of sheetrock and the studs were 2x6's instead of 2x4's. I discovered a little bit about past owners of the house as I did this. The inner layer of sheetrock was wallpapered with pink flamingoes with a black and green swampy looking background.

Underneath that layer of wallpaper it got worse. It featured pink and yellow poodles sitting on teal green pillows surrounded by teal green vases full of palm fronds. There was also some art deco fleur-de-lis patterns in gold around that.

Over the years from remodeling rent houses and a few that I have personally lived in I have a small collection of bits and pieces of wallpaper I have saved just for fun. I frame them and have them hanging here and there. I was so disappointed I couldnt save any from the flamingo or poodle paper since they were so brittle and fell apart when I tried.

I tried to find a picture of it on google but only found out that Elvis had poodle wallpaper in his bathroom at Graceland!

Finally some good news.

I hope I never have to use this advice!!

An odd place.

I look like my dog.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I'd love to see what that wallpaper looks like! Flamingoes and poodles? Seriously? Wow.

Kristeena said...

Hi Mister Jeff! I saw your comment on my journal and thought I'd swing by and see yours. Ya know, its too bad you couldn't save pieces of that wallpaper - I would have loved to have seen it. One of my friends remodeled a home that had funky checkered wallpaper and black and red paint. It took so many coats of primer to get over that stuff.

I saw you have two little dogs too - my little peanut is half dachshund. They're so fun.

I love your journal!!
=) kris